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NYRock:I heard some rumors about how you treat critics. You handcuffed one editor to a chair and put some pyrotechnical stuff around him and let him be found by his colleagues while you were busy performing as the headliners of the festival…

Flake:Ha ha ha ha! That’s right, but he deserved it. He didn’t treat us fair in any way. He abused his position to dis us. He dissed and slandered us all the time and we were just biding our time, you know. We knew we could wait that out. But the funniest part about it was that it was the festival of the channel where he’s an editor — and we were the headliners.

Richard:He certainly got what he deserved. It didn’t hurt him in any way. We were not violent but he was the laughingstock for a while. Maybe it will help him to think about things. Maybe it will help some other band.

- NY Rock interview 1998

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